My Mission

I am a business owner, a home owner, a Treasure Valley Realtor and an Idahoan. After a 10 year-foray into retail, (in partnership with my wife Patty) I decided to take my talents in a new direction. We love this valley, the people, the neighborhoods and the homes and have always been excited about real estate.

After a couple great years with RE/MAX, I have decided to change it up and concentrate on something local. I have accepted a position with Genesis Real Estate. We are going to Keep it Local my friends.

I will provide, as always, the very best service to my clients. Those who have used my services in the past know I will give you everything I have to help you sell or find your next home. I specialize in you! From first time buyers to seasoned home owners, my goal is to do such a great job for you that you will be compelled to tell your friends and family that Richard Marks is the only Real Estate professional you should use.

If you have been a part of our journey, thanks for sticking with us! I hope to continue our business relationship, as this is a 100% referral business! If we’ve earned your trust in the past, please consider recommending us to neighbors, friends and family when  real estate needs come up.

I am thankful for a great year, full of learning and finding the best way to help people. What am I going to be thankful for tomorrow? And the next day and in April? That is what really matters to me. To find a way to walk in gratitude each and every day. I have a choice to see the good in any experience and in anyone. I am trying to be more forgiving, trusting and loving. I will need your help and knowing this gives me great joy and thanks.

Richard Marks

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